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5 days, 4 cities, 3 states and 2 friends – by Jill Vianco

April 20, 2017

Hey all! Before I begin, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Jill Vianco. I teach third grade at Winding Springs with Lindsay! When Lindsay asked me to be a guest blogger I was thrilled! This girl is a great person and writes strong motivational posts that leave you inspired and ready to jump into life headfirst! If you do not follow her already, make sure you subscribe to her blog at the bottom of the page!

This past week was spring break for Lindsay and I. As Lindsay traveled out west, I took a mini road trip to a few of the souths infamous cities and quaint towns with a lifelong friend of mine, Kelly! I am here to share some of our favorite stops along the way!

In 5 days, Kelly and I traveled to 4 cities/towns in 3 different states. We traveled first to Charleston, SC, we then headed to Savannah, GA, and lastly we changed up our scenery from the coast to the mountains, and headed to Blowing Rock/Boone, NC.

The Battery – Charleston, South Carolina:

The Battery is a long wall that separates Charleston from the Atlantic Ocean. It sits above East Battery Street.  It allows for a lovely stroll with views of the Charleston Harbor on one side and the historic mansions from the mid 1800’s on the other. Kelly and I were lucky enough to be walking along The Battery while a couple of dolphins were playing around in the harbor; very cool to stop and watch on a beautiful sunny day!

White Point Garden Park – Charleston, South Carolina

White Point Garden Park is located along side East Battery Street. This park memorializes Fort Sumter and exhibits many canons used during the Civil War, as well as a monuments! However, I was more focused on the extraordinary Angel Oaks that sat throughout the park. These trees are among some of the most fascinating ones I have ever seen! The way their massively long limbs grow wildly in all directions is fascinating. Don’t forget your blanket, sandwiches, favorite beverage, and of course your camera to capture natures beauty here!  Absolutely “tree-mendous”! 😉

Tynes Ave – Charleston, South Carolina:

Throughout our trip, Kelly and I decided to stay at Airbnb’s. I would recommend this to anyone anytime you travel. You can find affordable rooms/homes to rent for all family sizes for just about any location in the world! What I love most about them are how authentic your stay is. Instead of staying in a hotel, you can “live as the Romans do” for however long you visit for.

While staying in this unusual home, we explored the neighborhood a bit. It was surrounded by more Angel Oaks that shaded the streets from the southern sun. Although our house was not on the water, other parts of the neighborhood were located along the Stono River. Kelly and I were able to watch the sun come down in between houses on our late evening walk before ending our first night in Charleston.

Savannah, Georgia:

Savannah was next on our mini road trip south! Kelly and I enjoyed eating and listening to live music in the center of the city market at the Cafe. We explored the historic part of the city and of course, the well known, River Street! On one side of the cobblestone street are historic buildings with shops and restaurants. Along the other side is the Savannah River. Kelly and I checked out some of the shops along the street, but only two stood out. River Street Sweets and Savannah’s Candy Kitchen were our favorite spots. For anyone that knows me, this should not be a shock, for I love my sweet treats!  If you love salt water taffy River Street Sweets is the place to be. It was the best taffy I have ever had! If you love pralines, Savannah’s Candy Kitchen has an amazing homemade recipe.

Tybee Island, Georgia:

Tybee Island and beach was relaxing after walking around the artsy city of Savannah. It was very crowded the day we went, but we were able to find a more secluded part to lay and catch some rays. After site seeing the past few days in two different cities, the beach was calling for us and was well deserved!

Canyons Historic Restaurant & Bar – Blowing Rock, North Carolina:

Our first stop when heading on our mountainous adventure was Blowing Rock! A cute, little town sitting in between the Blue Ridge! After stopping at our airbnb and hiking down a waterfall, Glen Burney, we were starving! We decided to stop at Canyons Historic Restaurant & Bar. Although we most likely would have eaten anything after that 2.5 mile hike, the food was delicious and you cannot beat the view! This restaurant was said to be southwestern style, the menu had anything from burgers to buffalo chicken fingers.  I ordered the Chicken Maui. This dish had a marinated chicken breast covered in melted pepper-jack cheese, Hawaiian BBQ sauce, a grilled pineapple ring, and bacon all served on a Kaiser bun. The fries were fresh cut and yummy! What I loved most was the stellar view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We sat outside on the upper deck and we were able to relax and eat our meal with the Blue Ridge Range over our shoulder!

Boone Fork Trail – Boone, North Carolina:

So, apparently Kelly and I have a little bit of trouble reading maps. I will say we were a tad disappointed at this point in the trip.  We had planned three hikes for our last day, but could only find 1 and half of them. Let me explain. The first trail we did was the Boone Fork Trail. I loved how the Carolina Rhododendrons acted as a canopy while hiking. We were able to eat lunch on a bolder overlooking   the trickling falls. This trail was 4.9 miles long, but we got lost and only did .5 miles of it ( we still don’t know where the other 4.4 miles of the trail is). 

Beacon Heights Trail – Boone, North Carolina:

Beacon Heights was the other trail we were able to find. This trail took less than ten minutes to get to the viewpoint. It was a breathtaking view of the mountain range, if I do say so myself. Kelly would say the hike was easy, I would say it was moderate because of the large rocks and tree roots protruding through the trail. Overall, we saw some great views and ate some tasty food. After this trail, it was time to get off the Blue Ridge Parkway before either Kelly or I lost our minds! HA!

Well, there you have it. 5 days, 4 cities, 3 states, and a couple of good friends on a road trip! Thanks so much for reading, and don’t forget to subscribe to Lindsay’s blog!

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Margaret Vianco April 21, 2017 at 1:30 pm

Loved the blog, Jill……I’m ready for a road trip!! XxMom


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