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GratiTuesday 3.7.17

March 7, 2017

It’s that time again y’all! Here on Rambles from Red, I celebrate Tuesdays by talking about what I am most thankful for that week. This forces me to take a good look at everything in my life and focus on something that might need a little bit more of my attention, love and gratitude.

This week I am thankful for all of my struggles – every single trial and hardship that I have been through in my life – big and small. I am a better and stronger person because of them. I am sure someday I will get deep with y’all about some of the battles I have fought, but today is just not that day.

To reflect after a time that was full of hurting and to be able to admit that you are glad that it happened can be an extremely hard thought to swallow. Reminding myself that each trial was a lesson that God carried me through and it was all to strengthen my heart, helps tremendously. It is important to remember, even through our storms, there is always an end to the pain and the suffering. It is also crucial to remember that we are not the only ones that are struggling. We all have our own baggage and our own “stuff”. No body comes baggage free. 

A few years ago someone very dear to me once explained the act of going through hard times to me in a way that I had never thought of before. Imagine that you are sitting around the table with all of your closest friends. Suddenly, you are all told to put all of your “stuff” out on the table. The baggage that you carry day in and day out. The constant struggles or hardships that you are going through. Exposing your deepest cuts, bringing old scars that still won’t heal to light, unmasking all of your battle wounds. I can vividly image this. I picture myself looking around, seeing all of the people I hold closest to my heart and then seeing all of their stuff. The stuff I never knew about, the stuff that never crossed my mind. Without even thinking, I would reach for my baggage, my problems and take them right back in an instant. I believe seeing everything that other people are hiding from the world, would be an extremely humbling experience. It truly would put your problems in perspective. The things that seemed earth-shattering, may not even be close to that when compared to something a loved one is going through that they choose not to share with anyone quite yet. The grass is always greener – right? 

It is remarkably easy to be sucked into a self-centered place when we are going through something tough. But, it is so important to remember that everyone has their stuff. It may seem like what you are dealing with at the moment, is much harder than the person next to you – but you are not in their moment. You are not walking through their life – just as they have not walked a mile in your shoes. Your stuff, is your stuff. It is important, it is valid and it is hard. Each struggle will make you stronger. Whether these challenges be momentary or lifelong – they are our own personal opportunities to grow and learn. 

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Donny March 7, 2017 at 8:10 pm

Good!! Love you!!


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