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GratiTuesday Challenge

January 31, 2017

I am starting a new series for my blog called GratiTuesday! I know that I have referenced thankfulness and being grateful in majority of my previous blog posts thus far – but, as stated here.. I am really trying to change the inevitable fact that I am one of “those” people. The kind that fails to remember the importance to recognize even the littlest blessings that I am given everyday. I believe this challenge will help with that!

Here is the challenge: Take a good look around. How much love can you bring into the situation you are in? When you adopt living wholeheartedly as a daily practice, you’re life becomes abundant. Your life will become rich in all positive and wise qualities of the heart – connection, consideration, compassion, appreciation and affection.

As I look around today, I am grateful for my career. I found purpose in my job. I found myself in my passion. And believe it or not, I found peace in a classroom surrounded by 20 six year olds. My dedication and devotion to education softens my heart and sparks a fire in my soul. The love I have for these children is important and it truly matters.

What makes your heart sing? What are you grateful for this Tuesday?

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